Margate After School

Safe and well structured after school programs designed specifically for children!

Our After School Programs offer a safe, positive, and respectful environment to learn new self-defense techniques and overcome fears and challenges.

Safe and well structured After School programs designed specifically for children!

Our After School program offer a variety of options to choose from. We focus on daily fitness activities that keep your child active and healthy. Gaining greater physical fitness, making new friends, and boosting confidence are the key components of our After School program, with extra attention paid to keeping the best safety measures possible in place. With our After School program, your child will experience a new level of confidence, socialization skills and self-esteem while engaging in a huge range of safe and fun activities.

One of the finest After School programs that is safe and boosts self-esteem!

Our experienced and caring counselors ensure that our programs are safe for every participant while focusing on simple facts, like “a smile, a word of encouragement or a helping hand positively impacts those around them.’ In our uniquely designed program, our campers learn to communicate with fellow campers and program experts. Then they set goals individually and as a group to identify their potential to succeed, all in a safe, secure and comfortable environment. When your child returns home after camp, you’ll see someone who is more confident, active, and optimistic.

We Enhance Your Child's Self-Discipline And Self-Respect Through Our Comprehensive After School!

We help your child build self-respect, stay fit while encouraging a sense of discipline. Through our specially designed After School Classes, we enable your child to control his/her feelings and overcome his/her weaknesses, which in turn adds to his/her self esteem and self-respect. Our highly-effective instructors design After School sessions that emphasize the self instead of the opponent.

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